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Competition For The Google Glass

Competition For The Google Glass

The future has indeed turned into the present, and some of the things we saw in science-fiction are indeed turning into reality. The latest being the Google Glass. You only need to do a little research and you will find out that its pretty nifty. The ability to take pictures, and record videos. While being able to share what you are looking at, and even getting directions right in front of you. It also, you may want to sit down for this one, it also lets you send messages. This is definitely a gadget that could have longevity. Not only that, it even looks good.

Competition For The Google Glass

The Google Glass

Google has achieved something special through their Project Glass research and development project. The only problem being that their competition were never going to sit still, and let them take full control of this corner of the market. Wearable ‘smartwear’ as it is being called is a growing market, with Samsung producing something similar that users are able to wear on their wrists.

Google also bringing a watch to market

But Microsoft are also putting their name into the mix, and instead of doing nothing, they are about to launch their own version of the Google Glass. The problem with Google’s competitors is simply that Google got the jump on the market, and as a result they have a major advantage in what is a niche field. According to The Wall Street Journal, Microsoft have reached the testing stage of their prototypes. So when theirs come to market, it will be interesting to see what happens.

While Microsoft work on their eye wear project, Google are already in the process of finishing up their work on a new internet-enabled watch. Rumours have hinted that the watch could use the same Google Now alerts that are being employed in the eye wear, and some of the stuff seen on the phones. This advancement in technology leads one to only imagine what the future will hold in terms of new gadgets, and ones that will become central in day-to-day living. However long these new gadgets take to come to market, the anticipation and excitement will be electric.

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