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Emergency Radio For Ecuadorian Ambulances

Emergency Radio For Ecuadorian Ambulances

There are many distractions when driving, ones that are self enforced and one that just appear from absolutely nowhere. However, there is one distraction that can single-handedely turn a driver who is in control of his decisions, into one who is at the other opposite end of the spectrum.

The siren-blaring ambulance approaching from behind is one distraction that has the ability to put any driver into a state of panic. And it is because they are trying to create space for the ambulance, while taking precautions to remain safe and keep others safe. However, it does not matter how well you drive, the siren piercing through your ears does not give you the quiet you need to think. For us in the UK this is the case on a frequent basis. But for any British expatriates in Ecuador, this is no longer the case.

Radio Ambulance is cutting edge technology

Emergency Radio to quicken response times

Emergency Radio to quicken response times

In Ecuador’s largest city, Guayaquil, ambulances are able to hijack the radios of drivers to announce that they are approaching. Lets hope that for foreigners and British expatriates in Ecuador the announcements can be understood. This has been tested in the south American city, and the result showed that the response time had improved by 40%.

This is not such a bad idea. Usually drivers are so caught up with listening to their radio that they can often miss the ambulance when its far away. But with a message coming in on the radio, it would mean that drivers would have prior warning. This will in turn allow them to take the necessary action to get out of the way of the approaching ambulance.

Maruri Grey who are an advertising agency created Radio Ambulance. They wanted to prove that radio was still relevant in society. But what they created could has the power to benefit all emergency medical services the world over. There is the potential for this clever addition to make the ambulance safer and more efficient, and all British expatriates in Ecuador could witness the revolutionising technology.

The project received a silver and two bronze awards at the Cannes Lions this year. And it is hoped that the new technology will be integrated into more emergency vehicles, with the plan to put it in all emergency vehicles.

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