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Free Spotify App Set To Hit App Stores

Free Spotify App Set To Hit App Stores

For all those people who use Spotify and the internet to listen to music, the following piece of news is sure to get you a little excited. According to the Wall Street Journal, who no doubt got their information from trusted sources, a free Spotify app is set to become available on mobile devices.

However, nothing in life is truly free and this app follows suit. The free version will be supported by adverts, but it is a very small price to pay for a popular service which will FREE! The Wall Street Journal stated that Spotify had managed to agree a licensing deal with the Sony, Warner and Universal. Who are three of the biggest record labels in existence. These three labels will be letting Spotify stream music on their mobile app for free for the first time ever, which should make all those music fans happy.

Free app for Spotify fans

Free app for Spotify fans

Fans will be able to play various songs on demand, and they will be able to choose what they want to listen to since they will have a service similar to the radio. Those that download the free Spotify app will be restricted to a limited number of songs they will be able to stream, but they will be able to enjoy any previously created playlists.

Spotify try and increase the number of subscribers by tempting them with a free app

If everything goes to plan then the Spotify’s free mobile service will be launched on the 11 December. Events have been arranged for London and New York. But Spotify have not hinted at what can be expected by those people who have been sent invitations. All that anyone knows so far is that donuts will be available, which is reason enough to accept the invite and go.

In recent times Spotify have come under pressure by its investors to up the number of subscribers for the premium service. The idea behind the free Spotify app is simple. It is hoped that this will increase the number who subscribe to the premium service once they get the Spotify experience. The pressure on the company is only furthered due to them paying lower royalty rates, which is vastly lower in comparison to the royalties musicians receive from legal downloads and CD sales.

Currently Spotify’s premium subscription costs £10, this allows listeners to have their music available across all devices even their mobile phones and tablets. They also offer a tiered service if anyone is not interested in the premium product. The free service which comes with ads allows for unlimited listening on desktops and laptops.

Anyone who is currently making music would be interested to hear about Spotify Artists. Which is website, allowing artists the opportunity to upload music and earn $0.007 every time their music is streamed. This service is has been set up with budding artists in mind.

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