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Homesickness Not A Concern For Happy British Expatriates

Homesickness Not A Concern For Happy British Expatriates

You wouldn’t be wrong to assume that those who have moved from the UK would miss some of the quintessential things that make United Kingdom what is is. But this is not the case. Because instead of worrying what the new happenings are in Eastenders or Coronation Street, they are having too much fun enjoying everything their new country can offer.

The reality is that a large proportion of British expats do not miss British tv, food or even the quirky sense of humour. The findings have come from a study completed by the Centre for Future Studies think-tank in Kent. They discovered that homesickness has been reduced if not taken totally out of the equation because of modern technology. Internet communication is so good that a family and friends can be in contact all day long.

Apps like Skype removing distanceq

Apps like Skype removing distance

Internet communication making the world smaller

The study concluded that one of the biggest regrets for British expatriates in the past was the fact that they had to leave members of their family behind. But this has become easier to handle through the various avenues of communication. The main concern for these immigrants is to make sure they immerse themselves into their new countries, which is a positive sign. Since it is the only way to make the most of their new surroundings, and achieve everything they have set out to achieve.

Figures have shown that the number of British expats who miss the closest people to them has fallen by a third. There could be a case to argue that with all the ways everyone can be connected, a little space does relationships good.

The other reason why so many do not miss the UK is simply down to these expats being able to watch and purchase shows and items that in the past were only available in the UK. The study included the views of 1,800 British expatriates, from which it was certain that moving abroad was not as challenging as it was in the past. The benefit of this is that expats are able to enjoy the new cultures and traditions of their new country, things that were not possible if they had remained in Britain.

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