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Nicolas Anelka Sacked Due To Twitter Tweet And Quenelle Gesture

Nicolas Anelka Sacked Due To Twitter Tweet And Quenelle Gesture

So its happened, another club and more controversy surrounding Nicolas Anelka. The Frenchman has played for many clubs in his career, failing to stay at any long enough to make any serious impression, but long enough to show exactly what he is capable of doing on the football pitch. Which is a talent in itself.

The gesture that ended Anelka's West Brom carerr

The gesture that ended Anelka’s West Brom carerr

This time round the player has been sacked by his current club West Bromwich Albion over the ‘quenelle’ goal celebration. Club and player have not seen eye to eye on the matter, and with the club fining him and the player facing a lengthy ban, his time at West Bromwich Albion appeared to be at an end regardless of what happened during the rest of the season.

Would be a sad end to an interesting career

However, the inevitable happened sooner rather than later after a Twitter message he had wrote, in which he had made it very clear that he was leaving the club. Football and racism do not mix and since his gesture after scoring his second goal at West Bromwich Albion was deemed anti-Semitic, he has found himself in a tricky and complicated situation. The problem Nicolas Anelka has is that while the Football Association understand that Anelka is not an anti-Semite, they also accept that the gesture is anti-Semitic.

Now what for Nicolas Anelka? Well, it could be that his long career in football is coming to a sad end. The list of clubs he has played for has been impressive by anyone’s standards, but as he ages the big clubs will no longer see him as being part of their plans. There could be opportunities for him in the US or other nations where football is a growing sport, but it is hard to see him playing at any of Europe’s elite clubs again.

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