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No Restrictions On Indian Students Or Migrants

No Restrictions On Indian Students Or Migrants

The topic of immigration has been on the lips of all the big political cheeses, and it is these fine individuals who will have plenty to say in regards to David Cameron’s latest decision. Who is about to open Britain’s borders to Indian students and immigrants.

The current Prime Minister has said that there will be no limits set on the number of overseas students permitted to enter into the United Kingdom, he followed that up by saying they will be welcomed with ‘open arms’. Cameron was speaking in India, where he mentioned that he would like to forge a stronger tie with country that has a population of 1.3 billion. This will not only benefit those coming into the UK, it is also good news for all those British expatriates in India.

No limits on the number coming into Britain

There is a belief that UK immigration was working on closing the doors on anyone trying to come into the UK from India, which Mr Cameron said he would like to dispel. He stated that there would be no limits placed on the number coming to study at universities in Britain. The requirements will be that they have places at universities before they enter the country, and that they have an English language qualification.

While many are coming into the UK, there are an increasing number of graduates looking for their first job abroad. In fact 27% are finding their first job overseas. These educated Brits could account for a number of British expatriates in India.

Cameron improving ties with India

Cameron opens door to Indian students, tourists, and migrants.

The problem the UK faced was due to people coming to Britain with intentions other than to study. This then affected those that were coming to better their education, but those few who hadn’t come to study did give everyone else a bad reputation. The other very important point mentioned by the Prime Minister was that these Indians coming to study, cannot after graduating do non-graduate jobs.

With the UK still trying to recover from the recession, by opening the borders to tourists, students and businessmen from India there could be the hope that it will have a positive effect on the economy. Having experience of studying and working in a foreign country is extremely valuable. This motivates those such as the British expatriates in India who have gone to work, who will gain experiences they would not gain otherwise. Experiences they will be able to use in their careers.

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