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One In Every Ten Brits Going Abroad For Christmas

One In Every Ten Brits Going Abroad For Christmas

Christmas makes for a perfect time in the year for any Brits going abroad. Some may decide on somewhere hot. Others may seek out a destination that will give them the white Christmas seen in movies.

This year Britons have shared their true opinions on the reality of a white Christmas. And around 50% of adults in the United Kingdom, have said that they would prefer that it snowed where they lived come Christmas day. The figure comes from a new study completed by The Weather Channel. Who also found that that 45% of adult Brits are concerned that if it does snow then their travel plans will be ruined.

Brits hoping for a white Christmas at home

Brits hoping for a white Christmas at home

This one statistic is a prime example that the novelty of snow at Christmas is not a prime concern for many Brits. However, the concern is fair, many people will be travelling to be with their families. While others will have to travel due to work among other reasons, and snow does not fit into the plans for these individuals.

Fewer Brits going abroad during Christmas 2013

One interesting statistic coming from the research, has shown that 72% of households and families with children expressed a strong desire to see snow falling in late December this year. While only 47% of adults with no children wanted it to snow during Christmas 2013.

The reality for people in the United Kingdom is that snow is more likely for those who live in the north. Of the northerners polled, 43% said that they expected it to snow. This is a stark difference to the 28% from the south who shared the same feeling. While snow would make Christmas 2013 perfect for many families, the number of Brits going abroad this December came in at a small 10%. A big majority were happy being at home this year, a decision which family finances did not play a part of.

“In the last 53 years, a snowflake has fallen on Christmas Day 38 times,” said Kirsty McCabe, TV presenter and meteorologist. She went on to say that the last white Christmas experienced by the UK was in 2010, and that there is a good chance of snow this year.

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