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Stuart Broad Controversy. Australian Coach Labels Stuart Broad a Cheat

Australian Coach Labels Stuart Broad a Cheat

Stuart Broad controversy – Australian Coach, Darren Lehmann has accused England All-Rounder, Stuart Broad of being a cheat on the eve of the fifth Ashes Test Match. Broad brushed off the criticisms and wrecked havoc on the Australians to seal the victory in the fourth test and ensured the Ashes remained in England for a third consecutive time. Lehman could very well still be hurting from the tough loss and needed a channel to vent his frustration, but could there be any real substance to his ludicrous claims?

It is believed that the coach is referring to the first test match of the series at Trent Bridge. Broad was said to have edged a ball that bounced off the gloves of the keeper and was caught at first slip. He was given not out by the umpire and Broad refused to be gentleman-like and “walk”. This is what seems to have brought the wrath of the Australian coach.

The former Australian coach told reporters, “I hope the Australian public feel the same, because that was just blatant cheating. I don’t advocate walking, but when you hit it to first slip it’s pretty hard. From my point of view, I just hope the Australian public give it to him right from the word go for the whole summer and I hope he cries and he goes home. I just hope everyone gets stuck into him because the way he’s carried on and the way he’s commented in public about it is ridiculous”.

I think Lehman has thrown his frustration at the wrong individual and could quite possibly have said nothing had his team won the crucial fourth test. If he needs to be angry, he should be blaming the umpires. The umpires are the ones there to adjudge whether one is out or not. Sometimes you are given out wrongfully and sometimes you are out and you are not given out. It is the human element of the officials of our sport. It has existed since the invention of cricket and will continue to remain even with the addition of technology.

Whilst walking is the gentleman-like thing to do if you know you are out, not all players “walk” and there is no rule that says if the umpire gets it wrong you should make the correct decision for him and head back to the pavilion. If Lehmann had said that our sport has lost its gentleman-like nature then I would be in total agreement. But, cricket is now a professional sport with the difference between winning and losing could cost hundreds of thousands of pounds and lost sponsorships. This is the Ashes and you are playing your number one rivals. Lehmann needs to toughen up, button up and get the job done.

– Yhanick Scott

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