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You Won’t Lose A Thing With Nokia’s Treasure Tags

You Won’t Lose A Thing With Nokia’s Treasure Tags

Don’t you just hate it when you lose your stuff? I mean its so frustrating to look for things you need, when you know you’re pressed for time, and when you know that you had set them down somewhere not long before. Well those little time consuming and stressful moments will soon be a thing of the past, as Nokia’s Treasure Tags will let you keep all your valuables close at hand.

Nokia's Treasure Tags can be hooked onto anything

Nokia’s Treasure Tags can be hooked onto anything

This colourful new accessory in the shape of a square and no bigger than a matchbox, can be hooked onto anything which you have no desire to lose. Each tag will pair with a Nokia Lumia smartphone, using Bluetooth or even NFC. Once the phone and the tags are linked, you will be alerted by a loud alarm should the tag move out of the specified range. This has been preset to be approximately 40 metres.

Comes in various colours to match your valuables

In the event the alarm is not heard the item hooked to the tag, because the tag isn’t the valuable object, can be located using a built-in map feature on the phone. If you do not want the alarm to go off, you can put the tag to sleep by pressing a button on it which should stop you from jumping of your seat in a panic.

While this is not a new concept, it is still much better than many of its competitors. Not only can the batteries be easily replaced, you can also purchase Nokia’s Treasure Tags in a range of colours which should satisfy the fashion conscious in particular. Another nice aspect of the device is that is not very expensive, costing $30 (£17.99) for one tag. Furthermore, it will work with other smartphones. So if you are using one which uses iOS or Android, you will be able to use Nokia’s Treasure Tags on conjunction with some apps to keep your valuables safe.

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